A sick 5 paragraph essay

I am hella gonna write the sickest 5 paragraph essay that has ever been created, and it’s topic is the sickest of all topics: myself.  First, I will demonstrate how hella sick i am because of all the skills that i have.  second, i will demonstrate why other people are hella not as sick as i am and third i will say some other things that are sick.  the conclusion will inivitably be that i am sick and so are a few select other objects/animals.

I am helllllllllla awesome because i can drive a car faster than a bullet can make its way out of the barrel of a gun.  i can hella run fast, too.  one time i was running and people oculdnt even see me i was like a cloud of smoke like theeeeeeeeeeeere he goes what a sick runner.  i can also jump over pretty much anything you put in front of me i mean it its like the bottoms of my feet are made of moon shoes.

it is hard for other people to be as cool as me and i understand that but i still think they should start realizing it.  too often i think people are like how am i gonna be as cool as Benjamin and they think they are but they are painfully sadly mistaken.

other things that are cool include white tigers, a whale, three musketeers bars, and fire.

in conclusion, i am HELLA SICK.


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